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Rise of BTS: Why is K-Pop so Popular?

DYNAMITE: the first act whose songs are not predominantly sung in English – and the first artist to win outside the west.

The phenomenon of BTS – the telling of the infamous genre of K-Pop – have beat pop queen and music idol Taylor Swift to the top-spot throne by being named best-selling artist in 2020. With Drake swiftly following Taylor making up the top three, BTS have become the first act to win who are a Korean act, but who are also not formally from the west of the globe.

With their two albums, Map of the Soul: 7 and Be, dominating the charts across the globe, they took the crown with flying colours. Despite Taylor’s emphatic accomplishments of doing the same – releasing Folklore and Evermore in the same year – BTS and the fandom that K-Pop brought, have taken the world by storm. I’m sure this is the only start of it all.


We still love Taylor, though. In fact, you can view Taylor Swift’s Story of 2020 here:


Fun Fact –they are also the first Korean act to perform at all four major Western award shows: BBMAs, AMAs, Grammys and VMAs; which is an impressive feat all by itself.

With many questioning the integrity of the polls, many are questioning as to why they won the top prize – especially since the songs are not predominantly sung in English at all. This shan’t come as a surprise to many, however, especially how we’ve seen the epics of PSY’s Gangstam Style come to popularity, with only the words of “sexy lady” present that is in a language we understand.

But it is not the language that is used that gets people listening. But, it’s those damn catchy hooks and trailing sing-along lyrics that end up in your head throughout the day – and that is irrespective of what language it is in. With the eclectic blend of gorgeous”boy band pop”, catchy melodic hooks, mesmerising dance choreography, the interlacing of every genre under the sun, and the mass popularity of Asian communities – – you have the domination of incredulously cheesy-but-brilliant Korean Pop. It’s the perfect mixture for music dominance in such a ripe music industry.

Which brings me to the thought for the day: have you listened to K-Pop? What are your thoughts on it – and why do you think it’s so damn popular?

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Love Story: Why Taylor Swift is a Genius

One of the biggest female artists in this decade, Taylor Swift is the rarity in pop phenomena.

With the ability to cross from country to the music of mainstream, Swift soon become the populist singer/songwriters of our generation. With recent releases, willow, champagne problems and cardigan becoming instant favourites among the fans, it seems that for Taylor, writing love songs is just too an easy trait, impossible to get wrong. And after her record label refused to release her music, she’s bounced back bigger than before.

’tis the damn season: Love and Loss During Lockdown

Ever since her Lover tour was evidently postponed due to the pandemic, Taylor seemed to write and write, hit after hit, til her hands hurt. In what seems to be a new release every week, Taylor Swift has taken to being productive during lockdown like a water off of a ducks’ back. With folklore in 2020, and evermore, that soon followed just less than 5 months thereafter, Swift has been a major artist to not only capitalise on the unexpected time on our hands, but to also earn herself an album that went straight to the top of the Billboard 200. And we’ve got one more re-recording coming, too. Oh, and a documentary, too!

It is the perfect formula for the music industry. Produce melancholy acoustic sweetheart-tales and you’ve got media attention because nothing else is going on, and avid listens from old fans and new, because well,… nothing else is going on. It has undoubtedly been the much-needed medicine for everyone to get through this difficult time, too. And she’s a genius because of it. It certainly makes you wonder as to why more artists haven’t done it, though. With the ability to produce music from the comfort of your bedrooms – with the major artists in the industry actively having recording studios in their own homes, might I add – it is worth noting why no other artists have followed in her footsteps, and produced song after song. Especially when it is so easy for everyone to be in touching distance with listening to music.

It may be Swift’s work ethic, production team or her simple strive for perfection that trumps her above the rest of the major mainstream artists – but, you’ve got to hand it to her. She’s not been waiting for this to just blow over, planning old tours and relying on pay-outs from old records, she’s made three new ones.

And the response has been emphatic. Have you been enjoying this as much as I have?