If there’s any band to keep your beady eyes on, it’s Wolforna.

Firmly planting their feet in the Leeds’ ever-evolving underground hard-rock scene, the electric four-piece are on an impressive trajectory to supreme stardom.

Implored by their classic rhythm guitar sensibilities and melodic vocals, with a super-tight rhythm section underpinning it all, their signature sound has brought in an influx of comparison from the likes of Cardiff-counterparts HIMALAYAS and False Heads – of whom they’ve shared a stage with. But it’s on brand-new Break You that the outfit demonstrate a change of pace stylistically from their previous tracks. It’s a tightly-wound, electric punk-spirit anthem that juxtaposes their usual gritty blueprint with catchier hooks; and the style seems a natural change in direction for Wolforna. A band unwilling to be penned into one musical box, the band are free-flowing from one power-move… to the next. With 2023 looking to be a stalwart season of esteemed festival slots and gig line-ups dotted around Leeds and Halifax – including a Royal Park Cellars headline slot; Break You is the perfect next release for the band. An energetic sentiment matched with the markings of the band to watch in the coming year, no doubt.

Thematically, the new piece navigates the push and pull of a toxic relationship, and the agonising reality that comes with not wanting to entirely cut yourself loose from it – despite it being bound for disaster. It’s a conniving twist of the knife, met with the flurry passion of percussive glitz – and it’s out on the 17th March for your listening pleasure.

The succinct stylings of Stones’ Midnight Rambler matched with the electric soul of The Heavy Norths‘ Satisfy You, Wolforna are on a path for magic. Watch this space: it won’t just be the city of Leeds they’ll be tearing up this year. It could very well be your own.


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