YOUR NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: 02/12 (with a twist)


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This weeks new music Friday comes with a little twist… Alex is away tonight at his work Christmas party, with an elegant masquerade ball theme (alas he forgot to buy a masquerade mask). Therefore I (girl Alyx) have taken the reins of todays blog. So please just don’t judge me to harshly, not many people can compete with Alex’s style of writing! Right lets get into the good stuff…

Lewis Capaldi : Pointless. Lewis Capaldi has had his fair share of heart wrenching songs, that mimic sadness when it comes to falling out of love, however Pointless seems to be more about falling in love. It’s hard to dislike a Lewis Capaldi song, because he’s simply one of the most likeable humans in the industry. In a recent interview he said “Listen, we’ve got a song like Someone You Loved, which gets played at funerals. And it’d be nice to have a song like Pointless that gets played at weddings. Basically it’s a cash grab.” His effervescent, humorous personality in interviews only makes him more loveable as a musician as it just makes him all the more tonically relatable and I can only applause his marketing team for that. The perfect song to pop on on a Sunday morning while making a cup of tea.

Olly Murs : Dancing On Cars. As I listen to this song *wincing with each lyric sang* I can only count down the seconds until it ends. The perfect song for a TikTok teen to bop around to, but its absolutely nothing special. The lyrics are so inspired, it’s almost life changing : “Dancing on cars, While we’re crashing these bars, While we’re singing on Mars”. I’m sure he’s a lovely person, unfortunately doesn’t make his music less crap. If you’re an Olly fan I can only apologise.

Precious Pepala : Voices. Lets bring it back to some real music. A sorrowful, moody song. Precious Pepala is an up and coming singer songwriter based in the UK. Aged 17 she’s really channeling her inner Billie Eilish, with her raw vulnerability really coming across in her new song voices. Her effortless talent is one to watch, definitely one to watch.

Katie Gregson-MacLeod : White Lies. A beautiful, effortless song – a brilliant example of lovely voice and piano combination. A song to close your eyes to, sit in peace for a minute and just breathe in the moment. White Lies is a timeless song that could capture a moment, or memory. Her EP songs written for piano is worth a listen – a lovely little collection of heartfelt music.

James Vincent McMorrow : At Christmas. Our final little review tonight has to be a Christmas song, come on now – it’s the first new music Friday in December. Be rude not too. James Vincent McMorrow isn’t new to the Christmas music scene – with his music featuring on the Spanish national lotto ad back in 2014, and that can be heard in his new song At Christmas. A slow, wholesome Christmas song – with some heart warming ukulele, and a buttery voice like James’ you cant help but love it. It’s not filled with cringe bells, and Santa references – thats a win for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to some Mariah Carey (you’re a psychopath if your not..) but its nice to mix it up sometimes. This song makes me want to go for a snowy boxing day walk with my non existence sausage dog – Squish.

Alex asked me to do this blog (jokingly) thinking I would probably forget, but here we are. Sorry in advance, feel free to delete if you see fit Alex aha. Love ya!! x (hope you’re proud of the use of italics.)

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