Confidence Man: LIVE review at Nottingham – a pop party for the ages…


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A frenetic rave full of fun… this is trademark Confidence Man, after all.

On the Thursday, Confidence Man kicked off another leg of their extended run in the UK, celebrating the transformative of butter-dance pop, TILT that came out earlier this year amidst the heatwave.

And while it wasn’t fitting in terms of location and venue with the rain lashing it down outside, it was a live performance awash with spirit, style and sheer euphoria.

It wasn’t just the usual run-of-the-mill performance either. It had a little extra something to it. A panache of seductive colour and enchanting expression through the art of wavelength music. We had several outfit changes, a Bryan Adams cover, champagne pops, elaborate theatrical acting, structured choreography and a setlist littered with feel-good moments from both number album 1 and 2.

You Break It You Bought It – Confidence Man, Rock City, 24/11.
Luvin U Is Easy – Confidence Man, Rock City, 24/11.

A blitz-rave feel-good dance pop, Luvin U Is Easy and Out The Window were strong favourites amongst a searing lineup of killer contenders, as Confidence Man solidify themselves as one of the hottest acts on the planet right now. They know it too. As Sugar Bones (Aidan Moore) cracks open a champagne bottle celebrating at the C.O.O.L Party on stage. Glitzing companion, Janet Planet was on sparkling form as ever, undoubtedly stealing the show as the true Confidence (Wo)man as she waltzes with enigmatic pirouettes.

2019’s dark disco song, Does It Make You Feel Good? brought dizzying heights and glaring glow-ups as the two darted around the stage, both drummer and synth keyboardist shrouded in black cloaks, the collectives’ get-up in full swing..

C.O.O.L Party – Confidence Man, Rock City, 24/11.
Feels Like A Different Thing – Confidence Man, Rock City, 24/11.

Equipped with Frankenstein-esque shoulder pads, emotions were high, as the mesmerising pair took to the stage with Toy Boy. Chartering off their 2019 debut, Confident Music for Confident People, Out The Window followed next, with Woman making an insurmountable impression on the females in the audience, eager for an arching anthem under the venues’ glitterball.

Holiday – Confidence Man, Rock City, 24/11.
Boyfriend (Repeat) – Confidence Man, Rock City, 24/11.

As ever, the encore statute was a sheer thrill to be mixed up in. Boyfriend (Repeat) and Holiday is a winning formula, mixed with a razzmatazz only Confidence Man can get right. Every right way of “cheese” and imperfect enough for it to be a perfect gig experience.

In what has taken me by complete surprise, it’ll soon become the best live performance I’ve seen so far this year – should any more acts knock it off it’s top perch before we break away for Christmas.

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