Welcome to Sunday, folks. God’s day. I hope you’re well rested ahead for another hectic working week. To kick you off in the right way, I have collated a subliminal music playlist perfect for those instances when you’re starring in your own movie. Cast and directed by yours truly. Whatever mood you’re into this weekend, just be sure that this playlist will have you covered. It is totally collaborative too, so while I may have started out with the introduction, I will certainly not finish the epilogue.

pov: your life is a movie – the music playlist #1

  1. Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun
  2. Stoned at the Nail Salon – Lorde
  3. Trouble – Cage The Elephant
  4. October Passed Me By – girl in red
  5. This is What They Meant – biig piig
  6. Film Scene Daydream – Alfie Templeman
  7. Nobody But You – Jorja Smith, Sonder
  8. a boy named pluto – Hailey Knox

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