Greta Thunberg and Björk in conversation: advocating climate action through music and voice


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The world’s leading voice for climate action and one of our industries’ most iconic singer-songwriters sit down and discuss all things change, with greenwashing, fame, music and the matriarchy taking precedent.

In a Newstatesman exclusive, the pair meet for the first time and for many, this seems like an inevitable discussion to be had, a dynamic duo that we’ve never seen before. There has never been a more significant musical voice within the climate movement. Björk has found a way to speak about it for over two decades, a troubling campaign is littered throughout her work from 1997’s Homogenic to her new album, Fossora. With Greta dabbling in her album and Björk spending the weekend reading Thunberg’s new anthology, The Climate Book, they sit down to share their ideas. Over Zoom no doubt: an actual face-to-face meeting will be even more carbon offset to talk about.

Both share gripes in the issues surrounding climate emergency, as Björk notes: “The climate emergency is clearer now. Every day you can look at the news, and most things won’t matter in five years, but the news about the environment will. I think musicians are more aware of it.”

Greta adds sorrowfully: “For many, many people, we have distanced ourselves so far from it that we can no longer identity with it. An important part of climate emergency is being able to reconnect with what we are fighting for.”

For an hour, it’s a highly compelling discussion and a constant back-and-forth wavering as crucial, relatable topics are bartered and dabbled over. Greenwashing takes a huge bite out of the conversation, as the problem has risen considerably over recent years, and yet no one seems to do anything about it- our elected politicians included: “I don’t think I have met a politician who is ready to do what it takes. I mean resigning and saying, “This is not working and I’m not going to be part of it.” (GT).

Spring-loaded questions like, How do you balance optimism and pessimism draw up lateral thinking with many words advocating a unifying bond realising the same goal and same dream. At the end of the day, we’re all batting for the same team. Greater, healthier change.

People often ask me what I would do if I became prime minister, and my answer is always that I wouldn’t do anything: I would just use the platform to communicate that we are in a crisis.”

~ Greta Thunberg

That’s what it’s about. Not necessarily using that power for empty promises but for fulfilling hope and advocating that empowering position to spread the message.

You can read the full article here about it all. I seriously recommend:

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