Kid Kapichi: Live at Rough Trade Nottingham 28/09


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Above the usual iniquity of Rough Trade’s 9-to-5 vinyl trading, sits a stifling loft packed to the brim with 50-odd Kid Kapichi fanatics bouncing to the raw thump and whack of their recent release, Here’s What You Could’ve Won, as they flaunt and taunt their new works at one of their “Live + Signing” schticks they’ve been doing up and down the country this month.

Rather an overtly niche rough-and-ready music venue, Rough Trade Nottingham is home to some of your favourite alternative acts as they perform to you, truly up close and personal. Rather a precursor to their heavier tour scheduled later on the year, it also gives the artist a chance to connect with their fans. As frontman Jack Wilson goes on to say while on stage, “this is not only an opportunity to play our music but also an opportunity to see you guys… the reason we do this…and bring together a community, a real community … [what punk intends to do].”

I also had the momentous opportunity to meet the band themselves and pick up a coveted vinyl, all signed in wispy gold signatures. Worthy not just for my Ebay revenue, but worthy in meeting up-and-coming artists and really sharing their art in the best way possible.

They played all their classics from previous, Death Dips and Sardines from their debut This Time Next Year in 2021, aswell as the majority of their newest collection from Here’s What You Could’ve Won. New England was a big hitter amongst the crowd, with the crowd taking the mantle for Bob Vylan’s verse in the song. My favourite Smash The Gaff, expectantly hits hard and fast live and is a real thumper in such a crowded space. Their politically-charged single, Party at No.10 was a sling-your-arm-around your mate singalong moment, a chorus of vocal opinions on the disingenuous UK Government.

A real momentous marking of triumphant punk rock music, all the while supporting grassroot venues and their artists. Lovely stuff. Be sure to catch the bands’ UK tour next year, when they hit the bigger venues at each city.

You can check out our recent album review of Here’s What You Could’ve Won HERE.

Death Dips, Live at Rough Trade Nottingham, Kid Kapichi, 28/09.

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  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    Such fun, and that’s wonderful you got to meet them in the flesh!

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      oh yeah quite a moment!

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