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There is something magical about brewing a pot of coffee, sticking your headphones on and losing yourself in the playlist amenity of relax and chill.

Whether it’s frosty, snowy or even summer-like in cool February, coffee and music is a worthy double-act that tops any listing.

Any playlist is perfect if it resembles relax, right? Louis Armstrong to Bon Iver – tantalising trumpet or sultry piano trills – it is the perfect setting and appropriate to round off the hectic week, relax on a day that you are allowed to relax on. Before you do it all over again the coming Monday.

Nothing beats a coffee-flavoured compilation of dressing gown, slippers and duvet.

With that being said, everyone has their own routines on Sunday surrounding music – so what’s yours?

9 responses to “Sunday: Coffee and Music”

  1. Early evening, cooking dinner.

    Lately, I’ve taken to…
    steaming broccoli/ Robert Pollard ‘Marine Boy’,
    chopping vegetables/ BC Camplight ‘Shortly After Take-Off’,
    boiling pasta/ Lou Reed ‘Legendary Hearts’,
    stirring sauce/ Wedding Present ‘Sea Monsters’.

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  2. I do that on Monday morning. It is my day off so I have more time to enjoy the morning coffee, although I always enjoy my pour-over and French press. I am going to switch it and put on the headphones next time. I love the musical choices. Perhaps you could make a Spotify Sunday Morning Brew list to share.

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