Trending: Cancelling Music Tours for 2021


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In what seems in the least surprising news ever we’ve received this year, The 1975 are the first band to begin cancelling their tours for 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic concerns.

Unwilling risking the crew, the stage hands and of course, their fans to the health problems, they are set – in what will be many bands to follow – to cancel tours, events and gigs for 2021. In an aid for fans to get their tickets refunded sooner rather than later, this cancellation has left wondering what will happen to the other events and tours scheduled from other collectives in the music industry. Surely, the pitfalls of cancellation fees will be tremendous.

With no direction in terms of when live music is set to return, it has led more and more organisers to albeit stop planning events on the chance that it will be all for nothing.

With more and more events set to be cancelled – including the prestigious UK festivals of the Summer – more and more representatives of the industry are looking to the Government for a vital insurance cancellation scheme to provide support upon the inevitable. You can read it more above (or below.)

With the uncertainty for this vaccine to succeed as of February, has left everyone in the lurch. Let’s hope all is recovered, otherwise when is live music coming back?

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