Let the Music Play: Calls for Action are AMPLIFIED


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The numbers are in.

The opening of live music events and venues have been pushed back.

The live music has gone quiet and is left in the dark once again.

During this time, The Government states all workers in the live music industry are not permitted to work. They therefore have a responsibility to protect the livelihoods and careers of those workers … right?

Music Venue Trust are once again at the forefront trying to raise awareness via the project, Let the Music Play.

First released back in April, when things seem bad then, it’s now escalated to the second stage.

The UK live music industry is projected to lose at least 60% of jobs, with the sector being hit hard by the collapse in live music, touring and festivals.

Music Venue Trust, 2020

To put this into perspective, over 400 jobs support the production of every single live music performance at an arena – from support acts; lighting, security, ticket monitoring; sound; rigging; roadies to the headliners themselves. This means that for every gig, 240 people will lose their job. That’s a pretty empty gig, if you ask me.

From the bigger perspective, with the UK live music industry supporting over 200,000 jobs across this gigantic ecosystem, this means that 120,000 jobs will be lost overall.

With over half of these businesses only having liquidity for 4 more months, a lot of them can’t hold on for much longer as it is. So, calls for action has been amplified further.

The Call To Action

Music Venue Trust now calls for The Government to look after those who are out of jobs by not only to extend the Furlough scheme but to extend the Income Support Schemes that are available, so we can further protect our public health. Not only this but, these jobs have individuals behind them who have harnessed unimaginable skills, knowledge and experience that are vital to an industry that is just as vital to the UK’s economy. I think we know it, we just need The Government to know it.

Visit their main website to see how you can suppport further with this cause – http://musicvenuetrust.com/

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