Live Music Venue Plans to Re-Open Tomorrow are Thwarted by Lockdown Resurgence


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We’ve Reached The Limit

In what seems like reaching the limit of easing lockdown before a resurgence in cases happens again, the UK Government have cancelled all plans for live music venues to reopen on August 1st. It’s been pushed back further – to August 15th. Is this date still economically viable for venues to open then?

With Music Venue Trust and their expansive network of grassroots music venues feeling “saddened but not surprised” at the news, we see a desperate attempt for the Government to control things that are already out of control.

One step forward, two steps back

But with the reopening of society, through arts, food and other luxuries, it always comes with risks. With the lockdown easing up in parts more so in the Northern part of the country, a second wave of cases is looking more likely to be on the cards.

Upon Government guidelines, a lot of venues across the country attempted to stage events seeing if they would be economically viable for venues to hold them safely. This expenditure of putting these events seems to have added further to the stacks of debt that these venues had already accrued since the start of this pandemic in the UK. And it’s only going to get worse.

October By The Latest

Music Venue Trust has consistently asserted that no grassroots music venue will be able to stage live music events before October 1st at the earliest, yet The Prime Minister has stated that the new reopening date might be as earlier as 15th August.

Music Venue Trust

Music Venue Trust are not the only ones to call out the Government for their lack of their listening skills throughout the chaos. It seems that all we are asking for right now is still efficiently distributed crisis funding for all grass-root venues to tide them over til re-opening.

Funding and More Funding

We know as much as anyone that 15th of August is far too soon. With an eager Government on the sidelines looking at the economy, it’s safe to say that a few weeks down the line ain’t gonna cut it. But simply, reopening so soon at this date would only incur further detriment on rates of infections and the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the UK.

It seems that we are at a crossroads here. Open too early, and venues will lose out by putting on events that don’t see them earning enough to cover operating costs. Open too late, and these grass-root venues – that are already at risk of closing permanently – will simply see their venue as a thing of the past.

So, we once again ask for those of you to save our venues. We implore the Government to step up and provide efficiently distributed funding support for grass-root venues, and NOT just the venues that the upper class enjoy.

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