Road to Recovery: UK Music Launches 2020 Survey for Music Creators


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Evaluating the Effect: How Bad Has it Been?

Important! There’s not long left to take part in UK Music’s 2020 survey for music creators.

The road to recovery for the music industry is currently being paved out by collaborators, creators and shareholders in an attempt to build an accurate picture of the industry right now.

In an aid to gather useful day-to-day conditions and important trends in the UK music business, UK Music recently launched a survey for all – artists, composers, writers and producers alike – to fill in.

By completing this survey, you enable UK Music and its member organisations to be more effective in speaking to Government on issues that impact you. This would not be possible without hard economic data to demonstrate how music contributes to the UK economy.  This is why we ask you to complete this survey every year.

UK Music, 2020

This survey alone contributes to UK Music’s #MusicByNumbers economic study in which it portrays how economically dependent the UK economy is upon the UK music industry. £5.2 billion- dependent to be exact.

This is also a great away to look further into each musician’s impact during and prior to when the Coronavirus took hold, when the majority of all of our income diminished to nothing in the space of a few weeks. Establishing watermarks along the way, it will also develop year-on-year comparisons to see what took the worse hit of them all and what can be done to improve in the coming Autumn 2020.

Of course, in the midst of the Coronavirus, there has never been a more important time to speak with the UK Government.

Employment, for instance, met an all-time high in 2018 for a total of 190,935 people working in the industry. It will be fascinating to see a year-on-year comparison on early 2020 and what rate that number plummeted for people who were in active employment.

You can read the full report from 2019 below. It’s an insightful, well-thought out read with tempting infographics, inspirational ideals and emphatic figures that make your jaw drop.

The chancellor needs to act to lift the cloud of anxiety and uncertainty facing thousands of self-employed workers that make up 72% of the music industry’s workforce.

Tom Kiehl, UK Music Acting CEO

It not only delves into hard facts and figures about the industry as a whole, but it also showcases the success of UK musicians through personal case studies and music representatives.

From business rates, copyright protection to talent pipeline, it also looks into the potential next steps for the UK music industry and how we can help develop it further.

If you want to help the industry recover best from COVID, and fall in either categories of a musician or a publisher, take 9 minutes out of your day and fill out the survey below:

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