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In Venues We Trust: Are Our Music Venues under Economic Threat?

Cancel the Festival of Britain 2022. Save Britain’s Grassroots Culture.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic situation spiralling further out of control, we have not had any certainty when the UK will be free to lift all lockdown rules and start to proceed with our normal everyday lives.

One thing that is most definitely being missed the most, is the opportunity for live music gigs. Local and worldwide tours have halted, as mosh-pits come up to be perhaps the worst way of spreading a disease.

And of course, with no bands active across the UK with live music performances, the local music venues and spaces have all but shut up shop with no real economic drive to push the doors open once again.

Whilst the likes of PPL and PRS, global music licensing companies, are supporting the community by distributing £23.9 million in royalties to more than 15,000 performers and recording rights-holders, who’s looking out for the venues that holds them?

In many cases, your local music scene is your community, it is your set of favourite musicians on your favourite night. More often than not, it is a hidden gem of musical talent often crammed in the back of a bar with a lousy PA and a crowd of no more than 30.

But, most importantly, you were there to witness it. You were there to support it. And that’s all that matters.

What can we do about it?

With in mind, Music Venue Trust, a UK registered charity, have launched a #saveourvenues campaign, a crisis fund on calling the music industry, cultural sector and the UK’s most successful musicians to essentially come together, to create a £1 million fighting fund to prevent the permanent closure of hundreds of Grassroots Music Venues across the UK.

In order for these venues to be our homes to our musicians and to our community, we need to support them in anyway we can to prevent them from closing permanently. The Music Venue Trust represents 670 independent UK venues and for many, the prospect of remaining open in the near future, is not looking likely.

A lot of grassroots venues are already operating on very thin margins and since these restrictions came in only 17% of them, equating to just 114, are currently secure for the next eight weeks.

The other 556 are at imminent risk of being permanently closed down.

Music Venue Trust –

Let’s save it together – before they’re gone forever.

Thank you.

For more information finding out which local venue nearest to you is being affected the most, have a gander on the link below.

Main website to find out more information about where you can donate is below too:

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