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Worn drumsticks is always a good sign …

I first stumbled upon these beauties when I found myself in Manchester for The Drum Show way back in 2018. All different sizes and varieties were lined up on display all looking at me. I had to pick one? I opted for my preferred size; 7A and played a couple of ‘diddles on the practice pad available. It is safe to say that i instantly fell in love with these sticks.

Lightweight, durable, smooth and so God damn looking, they are the perfect package for your drumming necessities.

I couldn’t believe that I haven’t heard or seen these before, but I’m so glad I did when I did, as they are slowly becoming my favourite. They have set the trend for all future drumstick purchases I think. Any other drumstick just feels … weird.

They seem more fluid than any other drumstick, and the width of the drumstick is incomprehensible. You can whip around the kit with such grace with its great flexibility and responsive time to hits. The fraility of the chosen wood or the thickness does provide some issues, especially since they did start to crack earlier on than usual. Of course, this may be down to my playing style and I may hit too close to the shoulder.

As you can see, I cannot seem or want to fault these drumsticks. They are classy but do not expose themselves too much to come across as a show-off pair. The wood grain gives it that extra texture and individuality than I don’t think any Vic Firth can handle.

If you are looking for a reliable, good-to-handle and an ultimately fun pair of sticks these are certainly are a worthy purchase. Certainly different to your ordinary pair of sticks, these pack a punch and will get any head turning as you lay down the groove to the pocket.

/ / / / - 4 out of 5 
A sad sight to see I’m sure ..

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