The Dream of a Drummer: A Story of Struggle


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The thrill of the beat. The impact of the drop. The sweat from the fill. The groove of the pocket. Drumming is like a hard drug. Rush of blood to head when on the throne; withdrawal when off it.

However, finding rehearsal space is not so much of a thrill.

Unlike instruments of the flute and the guitar, it requires both adequate pace and strong sound-proofing in order for you to practice more than five minutes without getting informed you’re “too loud.” I don’t know if I ought to tell you this, but drum kits are not entirely the most shy in the pack. Surely it comes with a noise warning before you have even set your eyes on a kit?

In my years of drumming, finding a sound-proof space that is your own space is like finding the edge of a damn rainbow. The thought of creating your own drum studio with padded sound-proofing will appear in one’s thoughts more times than I care to discuss here.

I know it’s difficult resource-wise and time-wise, but it is pretty much on every drummers’ bucket list. That and a steady job performing, too.

For my current situation, the closest ‘available practice’ for me to practice my drumming and record legitimately, is more than ten miles away in the next village from Lincoln.

Of course, I can practice my hand speed and co-ordination within the comfort of my own flat on my pad. But practicing anything more complex like six-stroke rolls or sixteenth-note triplets that requires further logical thinking will indefinitely require a full drum kit.

Most of the time, too, the majority of your “gigs” – sessions or not – will involve the whole she-bang. Of course, the odd distasteful gig with a cajon will occur, but they will pass.

Moreover, I do believe I have come to the end with the practice rooms at the University now. Six months too long, as my graduation was in August of 2019. I would just like to thank the technician’s true grit for allowing me to still use the rehearsal rooms after all this time. Thanks Steve!

Nevertheless, there is still ample opportunity – if you go for the extra mile for it.

For instance, a local Lincoln band – truly talented lot – are up for a conversation with me to see if I’d be a good fit within the band. Regardless of the fact, that I cannot drive, so availability of transport for travelling to and from gigs is non-existent on my end. It’s also not like I can pass my driving test, and swan along in a cheap four-door Ford Fiesta. I would have to think of buying a car that would handsomely fit a drum kit in the boot. Those aren’t necessarily Ford Fiesta prices, either. Not only this, but the nearest kit available to me, is in Loughborough, not much of a stones’ throw away from Lincoln at all.

Now, I don’t know if this band has a determined spirit or have simply run out of plans and I’m the last resort for a drummer, but I admire their optimism.

This is also not to mention the barrier of working full-time for a stable income per month, which does not leave much for you to turn your hobby into a not-so-much of a hobby.


So, overall, you could say that the dream of a drummer will have to remain as a dream for now, because honestly, this world revolves around money and quite frankly, it does not pay the bills as of yet.

I am starting to get a firmer grasp on what I want, I feel like I am more hungry for this to make it work. But at the same time, it feels like it is getting harder. The struggle is certainly real. Certainly for the that of the drummer. Space, time, convenience, quietness and above all, money are the key obstacles.

It takes a lot of effort to come up with a good idea, then have the means and plausibility to see it through til the end.

But as Alyx keeps informing me, we’ll get there. Somehow, we’ll get there. May not happen in this lifetime, but it will happen. 

I can only hope.



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