Here is the second instalment of the Cowbell Series, be sure to check out both parts on my Instagram – curle_drums.

This one took less time than the first instalment, as the cowbell groove wasn’t as complicated compared to the Don Broco cowbell fest on Greatness. Of course, I had to produce a Cowbell Series with Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I just had to. They are the king of the cowbell. More specifically, Chad Smith is the king of cowbell. And I simply love this song. Right down to its laidback groove, tempting bass line and suave guitar licks that are deliciously scattered throughout the song. The room for improvisation is crazy for the drum set on this song. This time, I decided to JUST THINK GROOVE. And I hope I excelled it on that front. As for everything else, I opted for new snazzy camera angels which came with a new better sounding mix for the drums overall. Also, DO LET ME KNOW if I need a separate mic for the cowbell to hear it in all its fuller glory …

Overall, this was a fun cover to do, not mentally challenging but challenging in terms of consistency, especially in terms of those accentuated hi-hat hits throughout the song, which really sets the funky groove apart as just simply awesome. Flea’s bass goes without mentioning, it is the perfect friend to have in your ears as you are grooving along. I can only imagine how blessed Chad is to have such an awesome talented bassist like Flea. So, that’s RHCP ticked off for this series. But who knows? This probably won’t be the only song that’s in this series. Stay tuned to find out.

Also, any further queries about this cover, do feel free to send me a cheeky email on


That’s all from me for today.



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