More Than Keeping Time: Exploring Limitations of Sound through Melodic Drumming


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So, here it is. The projects of all projects. A project showcasing the new craze that is melodic drumming. Is it a worthy craze? What does it add to the performance? See for yourself! I will also be exploring new nuances of sound around the kit, delving deep into what the ‘conventional’ drummer can take from this project, as well as just how limiting the drum kit is in terms of sound.

Here are some of the methods in more detail to give further context, which have been used throughout the performance – some more subtlety than others.


Here is one of the methods in further detail being used during the performance. It is often quite hard to distinguish the more subtle, fainter sounds upon hearing; so headphones are advised throughout.

Hope you enjoy it.

This was such an amazing project to be involved with and I give huge thanks to:

Josh Baldwin

Mark Hilton


See you all later.

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