This was a short and sweet practice that I did last night, starting off with the usuals, and sticking out with the dynamics. I’ve now bought home my snare from the studio, so I can practice in much more depth at home, looking at every individual dynamic in every rudiment.


My dynamics in doubles have certainly improved, with me not thinking as much in between each sticking. It still feels odd though, practicing this exercise, but its bringing about a different kind of control that I don’t think I’ve ever had before – certainly in my left hand.



I am also becoming more aware of the importance of rudiments, and using them more often throughout my fills, especially paradiddles and six stroke rolls which are certainly fun to slide into a sweet groove – – both 8th note and 16th notes; even 32nd notes if my hand doesn’t stiffen up before then!



I spent whereabouts of an hour last night, going through rudiments on a metronome, as well as finding my “fulcrum” upon the kit. This is the balancing point between the output and the input of the stick. It’s important to achieve your full fulcrum, so you can the best out of your hitting power from your stick. Usually, there is one particular finger that is in control of the fulcrum.

So yeah, new vocab learnt! All from scanning across YouTube … ! It’s great innit?


That’s all from me. Until the next time (probs tomorrow.)


Alex x

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