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Artist Spotlight: Black Honey

Similar to that of Black Honey, this indie-grudge grunge quartet are as viscous in their bold music-beatings as they are as sweet in their intriguing delivery.

Tough acts of “Beaches”, “All My Pride”, “Corrine” and “I Like The Way You Die,” are what makes this Brighton collective so unique and wild in their coming-of-age industry story. Love, lust, hate and all-between.

Another band is rising into the limelight showcasing a boss bitch frontman and a no-nonsense attitude knowing exactly what they want.

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The Rise of UK Grime: Dave + Ghetts

From the plethora of artists, Giggs, Skepta, Stormzy, Dave and Ghetts, with mystical melancholy and lyrical anguish, the genre of Grime has blown up the UK music scene. Since the stardom of young ‘un, Dave – who made ‘PSYCHODRAMA’ the fastest streamed British rap album of all time – we soon began to see the strength of grime as a genre with the bold, brash and equally deep emotionally.


Dave performing Black at The Brits 2020

Emphatically powerful and lyrically demanding, Dave‘s Location triumphed with the unexpected – soothing piano and trailing brass that bordered the genre of the distant cousin, jazz rap. With Black – and his performance of the same song at The Brits in 2020 – shining a sombre light on inequality and Environment telling a tragic tale on divide (as opposed to the strength of unity), Dave soon become embellished as an avid story-teller among deep, profound lyricism that was driving the elements of grime to another level.

Ghett‘s Conflict of Interest

Grime Team Up: Ghetts and Giggs

Week earlier on the 19th, we saw the depths and growth of Ghetts, as his pure talent for rich lyricism grows and shows the plausibility of breaking barriers – and breaking records. Recently signed to Warner, GhettsConflict of Interest leads the pack with rifles, Fine Wine, Dead To Me and 10,000 Tears. Now, regardless of whether the independency of Grime requires the wealth of the largest record labels to succeed, Ghetts’ unusually beautiful arrangements and diverse array of supporting cast has allowed him to develop another component into the ever-growing machine of Grime in the UK.


“When I signed to Warner, my brudda. I was already me.”Fine Wine, Ghetts (2021)


These two class acts show the meteoric rise and hierarchy of importance where grime falls in the music industry.

The mellow of rhymes placed from both Dave and Ghetts has allowed a more diverse array of a fanbase to listen, as opposed to their rampant spitting of angst in prior records at the start of their careers.

Stormzy. Skepta. Giggs. Dave. Ghetts. Grime has never looked so strong.

Who will be next championed in to the scene?