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ISLAND: “Yesterday Park” – Album Review

We’re no strangers with the work of ISLAND on here.

Encompassing the soothing tones of underground indie/alternative rock scenes in dingy London studios, we have felt at one with this band before with their eclectic debut, Feels Like Air in 2018 – a story directly inspired from the time on the road.

Following their success story from Feels Like Air, enters an unlikely follow-up of Yesterday Park. With the debut embracing the feeling with freedom, this one couldn’t be more of the polar opposite. Recorded within a semi-lockdown of sorts, Yesterday Park is a self-reflective and a more emotive visioning of our music industry during a time where there wasn’t technically an industry to wave the flag under.

Wishing for longer days in our lifetime (“They’re telling me the world has caught on fire/But I can’t see a single frown outside/Where did my young days go?”) to reflecting on when forgotten moments were “simpler” (“Hey, yeah, do you remember the times?/we said that the city was yours and mine/Hey, yeah, do you remember the times? /We’d forget the world and just stare at the sky,”) is nothing for a longing to dream again.

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Travis Travesty: Industry Mourns over Astroworld Festival Horror

The music industry has entered a state of instant shock as we mourn the passing of 8 avid concertgoers of Travis Scott’s annual festival, Astroworld.

Amongst a live gig stricken with grief, panic and turmoil, the international rapper has come under fire again for his controversial antagonising of the crowd to “start riots” and surge in waves – which was the unfortunate after-effects of what occurred on the 5th of November.


“It ain’t a mosh pit if there no injuries / I got ’em stage divin’ out the nosebleeds” – STARGAZING, Astroworld, 2018

With lyrics like these imprinted in the very songs included in Astroworld song list, Travis’s active curation for the “rage” atmosphere is undeniably too far merely for a live music concert. It is interesting to note that the “nosebleeds” he refers to here considered to be the most elevated seats in a stadium, which are called “the nose bleed sections.” His fans jump from “the nosebleeds” and injure themselves, causing literal nose bleeds. And we ask ourselves, how do these things happen?


Since the travesty that night, both Travis Scott and Drake have been sued over the deadly US festival crush, simply for being irresponsible and merely ignoring the rampant cries of the crowd urging him to stop the performance.

“Defendants failed to properly plan and conduct the concert in a safe manner.”

But, among many others, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred when it comes to Travis Scott and his live gigs. Where warning signs were ignored from previous accidents – including a paralyzed fan urged to jump from a balcony – many questions are being directed to those event organisers that let this happen again.

When the promo video from previous years is used to hype chaos itself, is it any wonder these things occur so predominantly among his fans?

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ISLAND: A New Tale in the Alternative

The Work of Island: Problems from an ever-changing line-up whilst working in dingy London studios …

… Comes a new tale in the alternative.


From the fibres of the alternative rock scene – loosely translated as a much more tame beast as opposed to its distant relative of hard rockISLAND are a prestigious band gleaming with prospect.

Inspired from their distant adventures on the road, the band released their 2018 debut, Feels Like Air. Since then, they have kept themselves busy with European tours, stretching as far as the coast of North America, even. Whenever they have had time off the road, they’ve been knuckling down in the studio, creating joyous tales once more. In 2019, they released coveted EP, When We’re Still with Editors-inspired plateau, Just That Time of the Night.

Prior to all this however, it seemed that regardless of their reverent line-up, the name of ISLAND would prevail throughout as 2015 was the year when they such things to be true. With feelings of maturity and a hope filling the air, they released Girl in 2015. Who knew the beautiful simplicity of Stargazer would rise the band to new heights?

Bringing a completely new set of tools and brand to the wares of alternative music that seem simplistically beautiful in creation, they are bringing a fresh perspective to musical songwriting and ask for those to join the congregation.

Forged from the inspired thoughts due to their extensive time on the road, Feels Like Air, champions exactly that.

Music that is so effortless and seemingly made so emphatically, it is equally fair to listen every bit the same, too.

I’m sure those echoic guitars first thrilled the studio when they heard them.


Feels Like Air


Ride (a powerful album start-up)

Try (For fans of Grizfolk and Circa Waves)

The Day I Die (for fans of Editors and Radiohead)

Something Perfect


Horizon (for fans of JAWS)


We Can Go Anywhere

God Forgive (empowering moments make it my favourite amongst the list)

Feels Like Air (self-titled makes it a close second)

Lilyflower (light acoustics settle the album to a close)