PROGRESS UPDATE: Art of Online Drumming


So, I joined the bandwagon of Instagram during mid June –  its now the start of September. And what a journey it’s been so far … I am more aware of my weaknesses and can honestly tell that my musicality and drumming progress has improved drastically. I’ve become more aware of what I want to do every practice session, more aware of the surrounding ‘music-verse’ through online, and am more determined than ever now! It’s remarkable that I’ve missed this opportunity for so long – I didn’t realise how important just practicing rudiments to a metronome were – my stickings and footings have become much more competent and the deliverance is much more powerful and confident, which is always good! I have even got organised and produced a weekly practice schedule .. wut ?


It’s given me confidence in multiple software too – Adobe Premier Pro; Logic Pro X etc, for mic mixing and editing aswell as photo editing and producing a ‘business’, in its more lucrative terms, I guess. And I’m loving it.

Here’s my starting logo from wayyy back when – – – RWIX5925


and it soon developed using a cool little app called Giant Square … Which is really cool, making stuff for me like this — which look really professional and business-like, in a way …

So, in the spirit of all practice making progress, I’m going to stick it out for the longest time possible, and see where I end up with it! If I end up where I am now, then no bother, it was worth the experience! See yous later x



TOP50 – The Top 10

Well, well, well. Here we are …


THE TOP 10 – quite frankly, I’m glad this is over. Right, let’s get to it. Now, I can’t really pin it on one single album as a winner; so this is a really loose top ten album list … Aaaaand I’m sure I’ve forgotten some gems, as usual. To begin with, it might’ve been better to do just artists and bands. Ah well. Maybe next time …

So, finally here we are – – –

10. Free – Twin Atlantic

Love these Scottish lads – another great childhood rock album

9. Royal Blood – Royal Blood

I’m so happy I got into these lads when I did –  such raw power and beastliness; was a toss up between their debut or their second ..

8. Outlandos D’Amour – The Police

Such a big fan of The Police; extremely underrated in my opinion

7. Physical Graffiti – Led Zeppelin 

Could’ve easily put Zeppelin’s back catalogue on here; but I ended up picking this beast of an album; soo good

6. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket – Blink 182 

Love a bit of good ol’ pop punk me!

5. The Works – Queen 

First album I listened to by the fabulous Queen; nuff said

4. Dangerous – Michael Jackson 

Again, first album I bought from this wonder too ..

3. Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arcitc Monkeys 

Monkeys didn’t get better from here – this was there peak; such a good album

2. Life’s Not Out To Get You – Neck Deep 

Love love this album; can never get bored of it – some good ol’ pop punk


  1. Flash Flood of Colour – Enter Shikari

One of my favourites from one of my favourite bands – top ten list just shows my top ten bands too! Two for the price of one. Their whole catalogue is ace, and with a band that has such a compelling and unique sound; awesome!

Soooo there ya have it – anti-climatic? yeah,  guess so.. but what did you expect? If there were any I’ve missed, I’m sure you are gonna tell me!


That’s all from me for now…,




TOP50 – 24 to 11

Soooo … let’s narrow this list further shall we?

Here’s my top 24 to 11 personal favourite albums … of the albums I’ve listened to anyways – there could be an album out there, that haven’t listened to yet! … (I most of certainly forgotten some gems too, and for that, I apologise!)

SIDE NOTE – there will never be a correct order, as it is almost impossible to list your favourites from your favourites.


24. David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust 

Bit of Bowie never goes amiss – although maybe I should’ve put him lower down the list 😉

23. Bastille – Bad Blood

22. Glass Animals – How to be a Human Being

Album I was listening to when I lost my virginity – less said about that, the better..

21. Foals – Holy Fire 

20. Lungs – Florence and the Machine 

Alyx’s input to the list .. THANKS ALYX

19.  MIKA – Life in Cartoon Motion 

This album is not on here for musicality per se, but more the fact that, it’s one of my first CD’s I ever bought, and holds so many childhood memories – its nostalgia on a disc

18. Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf

– Album speaks for itself –

17.  Twenty One Pilots – Vessel 

Old Pilots is damn good – as a concept album, its certainly up there …

16. This Modern Glitch – The Wombats

Another great childhood album; will forever remain a Wombats fan

15. Tourist History – Two Door Cinema Club 

Again, same here … 

14. Blossom – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Defiant debut album – live performance really does it justice too …

13. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum – Kasabian

I could’ve put Kasabian’s whole catalogue on here, but I opted for this bad boy

12. Man Alive – Everything Everything 

First impulsive CD purchase from HMV, and have been a huge fan of them ever since – their music is different to any band I’ve heard before …

11. Puzzle – Biffy Clyro 

BIFFY FUCKIN’ CLYROOOO – it wouldn’t be right without these on here

So, that’s them lot. Stay tuned for the TOP10 – that’s where it REALLY gets greasy…


That’s all from me,


Alex x


My Personal Top 50 Albums – BOTTOM 25


To stop it getting boring so soon, I’m going to just send out the bottom 25 and then put the top 25 under more scrutiny … Aaaaaand FYI, the order is a very loose, so do not take it literally … The top 25 will be a much detailed list, as it gets closer and closer to the number one spot …

So let’s kick this off!


50. Is This It? – The Strokes 

49. OK Computer – Radiohead

48. Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

47. St. Jude – The Courteeners

46. Costello Music – The Fratellis

45. The Seldom Seen Kid – Elbow

44. Nevermind – Nirvana

43. Chasing Yesterday – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

42. Hold Me Down – You Me At Six

43. Pendulum – Immersion

42. Blush – Honey Blood

41. Trouble Will Find Me – The National

40. Jamie Cullum – Catching Tales

39. Statues – Black Peaks

38. Toxicity – System Of A Down

37. The Balcony – Catfish & The Bottlemen

36. Lazaretto – Jack White

35. Slipknot – Vol 3: Subliminal Verses

34. What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? – The Vaccines

33. T.O.P – Tower of Power

32. Tenacious D – Tenacious D

31. Black Holes & Revelations – Muse

30. Parklife – Blur

29. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

28. Every Kingdom – Ben Howard

27. Beacon – Two Door Cinema Club

26. The Colour And The Shape – Foo Fighters

25. Stadium Arcadium – Red Hot Chilli Peppers


that’s all for now! Stay tuned as we narrow the margins down to the last 25!!




Recording with Mics – THE DIFFERENCE?

Soo … what’s been happening? Recently, I’ve upgraded my current set up with actual professional sounding mics to my drum kit, and I must admit, it is sounding fresh. I’m well chuffed with how it’s come out – you can check my first mic’d vid on my Insta now if ya want.

Of course, I couldn’t of done it without Steve (@drsweetbeef) so thanking yous!


Straight from the back, one big difference is TIME. God, it takes up a lot of it. In the past, I was just uploading the raw footage on my iPhone straight from the rehearsal rooms. Now? Such a arduous process, buuuuutt it is worth it, so. This is regardless of setting up the mics on the kit itself …

First, I had to export all audio files across email, so I could access it at home, this was through WeTransfer. Then, I used Logic Pro X to sort, separate and mix the individual audio takes. Then from there, I used Adobe Premier Pro  – a platform for both audio and visual aspects. I then had to align the muted video with the audio from Logic. Like all of it, this took time, but as soon it aligns, there’s no better feeling. From Adobe, it was a simple exporting job to the desktop. Then, AirDrop to my iPhone all ready for Instagram.

So much longer than just a quick raw footage upload …

Another difference is of course the most important one. THE SOUND QUALITY. God, it is so refreshing to hear mic’d drum videos – so much more professional too. Recording without mics, the sound comes across muddier, “uglier” and rather unclean, as iPhone’s are not best for their sound quality. It actually sounds professional too, and reflects all the hard work you’ve put into it.

From my past upload, there’s a few pointers to take onto the next time I’m recording with mics. Bringing a fresh set of clothes, trying different camera positions so it gives the videos a refreshing look to them. I was too busy trying to get the recording set up just right and just playing the drums, that I seem to have forgotten to move the tripod every now and then. Also, take more time in setting the mic set up, sound checks for instance. With me being on a time scale, I didn’t soundcheck the kit the way I would’ve wanted to. I need to put my audio engineer head on too, and not just say, “oh, that’ll do,”  – I need to become a perfectionist to get the  best sounds. Also, I may need to brush up on some Logic tutorials as I am often floating from one plug-in to another, asking myself “does that sound good?”

But, above all, recording with mics is awesome, and learning new skills to add to your musical development is always a positive in my book!

That’s all from me.