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Are The Beatles Overrated?

This is a common choice of topic that keeps cropping up among my group of friends. Many believe that their worth, musicality, popularity and overall God-like aura are simply exaggerated, and over-simplified. Question is – is this true? Love Me DO or love me DON’T: Are The Beatles overrated?

50 years on, they are quite possibly still the most popular, most loved and notorious band to ever grace our stages, cameras and earholes of music. Quite rightly too – known for their music inventions in songwriting, their commercial success is next to none, becoming the best sold group than any other in just a short span of 13 years of recording thirteen studio albums.

But, whether the bands’ reputation precedes them, or simply their music doesn’t do it for you, let me know your thoughts on the Liverpudlian legends.

By manvmusic

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12 replies on “Are The Beatles Overrated?”

💜 John Lennon Assassinated, Paul McCartney Still Around, Ringo and George, I THINK!!! One of Them is Dead EveryOne; what hasn’t DIED!!! is The Legacy, very good, carry on


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It’s certainly their legacy that is enrichly powerful that earns them enough money to this day. The colossal milestones they achieved is enough for any artist or band to celebrate, and for me – I think the respect and love they get is so warranted.


I grew up with the Beatles and still love them as much as ever. I was thinking of how as an eight year old I wanted a haircut just like them. My father would not have approved and we had to have the short, back and sides.

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Haha that’s brilliant! I can imagine the traits of the Beatles – rock ‘n’ roll rebellion – would be frowned upon and not looked up among the older folk back then. It’s funny how these things revolve around constantly in our music and culture. Thanks for the share, my friend!

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No, I don’t believe they are overrated. They changed music and the musical landscape forever. They evolved faster than any band ever has then and now and put out so many great songs in such a short time. And they influenced probably every single band that came in the late 60’s and 70’s and that is no exaggeration. They might not be my favorite band, but I don’t think any band has ever had the impact they have had.

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Haha this is definitely a proud paragraph and shuts up all the Beatles haters for sure. I will be sharing this with my friends who think otherwise, try and get them to at least appreciate what they did for not only their generation of artist and fans but for today’s, too. Thank you my friend, for your continued support.

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The Beatles have long been, and may possibly remain, the most popular and acclaimed band of all time for many reasons, not least of which was their groundbreaking songwriting and music. As John noted earlier, their influence on the music of so many bands that followed is evidence enough of their lasting impact and legacy. Those who now say they’re overrated simply do not know what they’re talking about.

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hahha I love it! The sheer ignorance of people thinking they’re overrated is fantastic. I mean, it may just be a couple of my friends, but I have heard it among other fruitless individuals who are possibly just saying it to be different. Thanks for the right words on this topic in my opinion, chap!

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