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We edge closer to live music ..

As the sun peaks in the highest point in the sky, communities resume normal routines and we’re investing in entertainment in the Arts, we’re slowly edging that bit closer to the concept of live music. With festivals planned to go ahead in the back end of August and with tours booked in Autumn of 2021 – not to mention the Download Pilot coming up in June/July – it’s so close!

Anyone got any plans when we return to normality with live concerts and gigs?

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We’re slowly starting to see the gigs return to the schedule. We’re up to three so far, which is a pretty good start considering. We’re also planning a record release sometime by the end of summer, maybe sooner, and hopefully that’ll come with more shows. Pretty excited to see things finally turning around.

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Oh that’s fantastic news, my friends! Yeah hopefully your album release will pop and that will generate EVEN MORE shows for you wonderful lot. If you ever need some review insight and some sharing of your album, hit me up and I’d be happy to share some words about it!

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That would be amazing. I would love to hear your thoughts on the record when it’s done. We’re just getting into the mixing and mastering stage. I’m guess we’ll be done in another 4-6 weeks. I’m pretty stoked to hear the final product.

I’m also looking forward to going to see more shows again. So many on the list. It’s great to see bands starting to get out on the road again.

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ah good good! the gradual step will make it much more bearable to return in the coming months. Here’s hoping! Not just for live music but for all arts and entertainment, so the established communities can get back to what they’ve been doing all their lives!

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Yeah absolutely, arts and entertainment is a vital element in what we need to stay mentally strong and happy in my eyes. Exactly! Without a pumping heart, the whole system goes down and eventually fails on you. I wait with sincere anticipation.

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