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Fiercely independent in any scenario is a difficult task to undertake and complete well. Being fiercely independent in the music industry without any financial backing from that of a record label? – An unequivocally difficult feat to do and do well, mind. A true musician who personifies in relatable story-telling is the man that goes by Gerry Cinnamon.


A brutish, relatable and genuine in design, Cinnamon is a brutally honest with his portrayal as a music artist, as he is with his lyrics. Held deep within an industry that changes to the consumer, Gerard Crosbie has kept himself to himself – with keeping his local accent in tone with his brutally honest lyrics. It is a tribal fusion of rock and folk at its best.


Fashioning a reputation as the world’s greatest independent music artists, he has championed and broken great records in his journey. His sing-along anthems are emphatically powerful, rich and simply modest. With just a man and his acoustic guitar, he has reached impressive heights that gives Ginger Ed a run for his money.

Sometimes, Belter, Canter, Where We’re Going, Ghost.

An acoustic extraordinaire and a simple marvel in creating empathetic work, he joins the ever-growing list of prolific Scots who are turning the industry upside down into a Northern nuisance of fantastic music.

Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic, Paolo Nutini, Lewis Capaldi, The Snuts, Gerry Cinnamon. These are just a few artists that come to mind in an industry littered with them.

If it’s one thing the Scots do right, it’s writing music.

10 responses to “Gerry Cinnamon: The True Story Teller of Music”

    • Ah yeah it’s always nice to share a plethora of artists – regardless of how popular they are within the mainstream music. Because after all, deeming something popular and deeming something as good are very different things to us! Thanks for stopping by friend, you yourself, are another strong writer within my group. Take care with your week x

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  1. I’ve never heard of this singer…went to YouTube and listened to some of his songs and am hooked. Thanks for bringing him into the light—for me at least.
    There’s a country-ish singer-songwriter named Ryan Bingham who, though draws huge crowds at concerts, is not well known. He has a distinct, soulful, gravelly voice I’m in love with. lol

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