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Download Festival CANCELLED for 2021 – What’s Next?

“Downloaders, your 2022 headliners are here!”

With live music not being allowed to return til the Summer, Download has pulled the plug on their festival this year – and rescheduled it for next year in 2022. Same headliners and same planning – just rescheduled.

Kiss, Biffy Clyro and System of a Down were meant to be headlining the festival in 2020, but the initial lockdown in March took a halt to the festival proceedings during that year.

As another festival is postponed til May 2022, and Glastonbury postponed til June in the same year – the same question begs an answer; with two-months difference between one festival to another; how will Reading and Leeds possibly proceed this year in August?


Read more on this topic via the link below:

Are We Planning For Music Festivals Too Soon?

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