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Vinyl Domination in the Industry: Are CDs Dying?

For the first time in 34 years, vinyls outsold CD annual revenues in 2020.

In what seemed like a devastating year for the music industry due to the pandemic – –

it seems that vinyls and their physical purchases were the only exception …

Of course, the shutting of retail would have obviously negatively impacted the sales of CD, but the historical year that vinyl has had, tells us how they are becoming a far more lucrative purchase – within a community that are just as willing to go the extra mile to buy some for their collection.

Of course, whether it is vinyl or CD, it is all a matter of personal choice with consumers and which format is more ideal to each listener. While vinyls are outplaying CDs as we speak, it is important to note that streaming are still – and will be for time to comethe forerunners in the industry – despite the pitiful revenues that artists incur with it.

With thanks to vinyl purchases, the overall physical music revenues did not really decline through 2020 during the pandemic, despite the restrictions in place for all things music. With the whole live music sector inactive, have vinyls allowed the industry to survive?


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20 responses to “Vinyl Domination in the Industry: Are CDs Dying?”

  1. That’s such good news. Long may that continue, vinyl is special and the ritual around playing it, the smell of it, crackling sound, it’s magic! just like a beautiful book, people want to collect it. People underestimated how important collecting is, for both books and music 🎶

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  2. Very interesting, the world will eventually do away with CDs and Vinyl.. it will be a cyberspace technological machine world where everything is online, phones etc.. Just some thoughts. Great article. 🌹

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