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Me and My Drumming

I couldn’t find any pictures of myself that will fit this, but this tells the same story …

I feel like I’ve been incredibly lucky since March 2020 when COVID hit our shores in the UK. Me and my partner have not only managed to remain healthy throughout this period, but also be able to maintain our current jobs.

I know there are more people are more worse off than me and my situation, so for that, I’m eternally grateful. But there’s something bugging me the further we go venture into another lockdown …

One more month has gone by without any active and consistent drumming practice from me. I love the drums and everything to do with it – but without my practice, I fear I will start to lose my ‘skills’ and my muscle memory will start to deteriorate.

With no space within my own accommodation to fit a kit, I’ve been actively going to the nearest rehearsal studio for practice. But, of course, virus restrictions put a stop to that plan. Now, I have my ‘lil drum practice pad to keep me company, where I’ve been doing the odd rudiments here and there, but it is simply not the same without a fully fleshed drum kit and is simply not rigorous enough to deem as sufficient practice in my eyes.

The one saving grace with this all is that, I have fallen into productivity more so, with listening to music and blogging to keep my mind occupied during this troubling time in-between working, but I’m seriously missing blasting out on a kit – even if its just for a couple of minutes. Here’s hoping that the vaccine roll-out will all be completed during the start of Spring so we can get back to doing what we love outside. Drumming.

Before the year 2020 began, I had ample time to practice and even record some bits and bobs. As always, you can catch what I got up to prior on my YouTube channel (that has since remained extinct.)

Here’s to returning soon.

By manvmusic

In one of the most controversial, ever-changing and unpredictable industries, join my rants and ravings as I dissect the music industry word by word through technology, current events, industry stories and problems.

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